12-5-18 Fishing Report

12-5-18 Fishing Report: Early ice fishing on Lake of the Woods is off to a hot start with limits coming in daily. The Walleye bite is primarily in the 11-16' of water range with larger keeper and slot fish being reported in the early mornings and evenings. Meanwhile,the Sauger bite is primarily … Continue reading

11-28-18 Update

As of today we are finishing up with flooding the crossing and doing some excavation work. On the lake there is 7"-10" of and 10" inches of ice on the Bostic Creek. Early fishing reports from Lake of the Woods indicate a strong early ice bite with limits of walleye being reported from those who … Continue reading

11-19-18 Ice Update

Well folks,Lake of the Woods has frozen over!(well,as far as we can see from shore anyways). We currently dont have an ice reading from the lake as it's too soon for safe foot travel on it as of this post. Bostic Bay is froze over as well and we have reports of 4"-7" of ice on it with spots of … Continue reading