Rules and Regs

Here is a rundown of the Rules and Regulations as they pertain to fishing on Lake of the Woods! Remember: You may use two rods per angler while ice fishing and only one rod per angler during the open water season.

Lake of the Woods Winter Fishing Regulations 2021-2022

Walleye and Sauger Lake of the Woods

  • The Combined Walleye/Sauger POSSESSION Limit on Lake of the Woods is 6 with no more than 4 of your fish being Walleye! Sauger maybe substituted for Walleye but not Walleye for Sauger!
  • The Slot Limit on Lake of the Woods is 19.5″ to 28″. Any walleye within that limit must be returned to the water IMMEDIATELY. Anglers are allowed 1 Walleye over 28″ per possession limit.
  • EXAMPLES of LEGAL limits on Lake of the Woods: 4 Walleye/2 Sauger with one walleye at 29.5″. 2 Walleye/4 Sauger with all fish under 19.5″. 6 Sauger.
  • EXAMPLES of ILLEGAL limits on Lake of the Woods: 6 Walleye. 4 Walleye of 20-27.5″ and 4 sauger.
  • For fish that you wish to transport home, you must leave an identifying piece of skin on fillets for transport. For Sauger, you must leave the head, dorsal fin and tail intact for legal transport. Sauger without those intact may be counted as Walleye.
  • The Walleye/Sauger season on Lake of the Woods is open through April 14, 2022.
  • The Walleye/ Sauger season on the Rainy River and Four Mile Bay is open through February 28th, 2022. Catch and Release on the Rainy River and Four Mile Bay is allowed from March 1,2022- April 14th, 2022

Northern Pike Regulations

  • All Northern Pike from 30″-40″ must be released back into the water IMMEDIATELY. Only 1 Northern Pike over 40″ may be possessed by an angler
  • The Possession Limit for Northern Pike is 3 in possession
  • There is NO closed season for Pike on Lake of the Woods and The Rainy River

Yellow Perch

  • The bag limit for Yellow Perch is 20 per day with 40 total in possession.
  • There is no closed season on Lake of the Woods for Yellow Perch!


Sturgeon CANNOT be harvested from October 1st, 2021-April 23rd, 2022! Catch and release fishing is allowed during this time! We will update this section when the 2022 Sturgeon regulations are released in the spring!


  • The Daily Possesion Limit per angler is 10 Crappies

Tullibee and Eel Pout/Burbot

  • There is no closed season nor is there a limit on Lake of the Woods for Tullibee or Eel Pout/Burbot

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

  • There is no closed season for Bass on Lake of the Woods. The possession limit for Bass is 6 combined

Reminder that all fishing rules and regulations for not only Lake of the Woods but all bodies of water within our great state of Minnesota may be found at Happy fishing and tight lines!

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