11-3-21 Update

Hey everyone, JP Sweet here with an update from Sweet’s Fishing on Lake of the Woods. If you haven’t noticed we have done a complete overhaul of Sweetsfishing.com and added a bunch of pictures that until now were exclusive to our Facebook page! We hope the new website outlay is easier to navigate and help you find your desired information! As soon as the regulations for the upcoming fish season is offically released we will be adding a rules/regs page to this website to help you, our valued guests plan your fishing adventure on Lake of the Woods! Our rates page has also been updated to reflect our new pricing structure for the 2021-2022 ice fishing season!

As of Monday our 2 new 5-person sleeper fish houses have been foamed and are now in the stages of having the interior installed! The 2 new houses will be around the same size as sleeper #11(The Carport House AKA The Not Blue One) and will be perfect to accommodate you and your crew as you chase trophy walleye this winter on Lake of the Woods.

The water temps over the weekend continue to dip with water temps on the south shore of Big Traverse Bay coming in at roughly 45 Degrees and water in the Rainy River sitting around 39 Degrees. We have had freezing temps during the overnight hours up here in Baudette and that will help us on our road to making ice! The forecast for the next 7 days doesn’t seem to reflect that however with weekend highs in the mid to upper 50s(just what you deer hunters want to hear!). However, the early calls for next weekend include highs in the mid 30s with lows at night reaching the low 20s!

As for the fishing on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods we have heard reports of a steady bite on the south shore and a solid evening bite on the river! Fisherman are finding Walleyes will full bellies of shiners when they get cleaned which indicate the shiner run is in full effect as we kick off the ever important month of November here on the big lake! We will continue to monitor the forecast as we march on here in the month of November and will update everyone as we get a clearer picture of when we will hit the ice! It’s important to remember every winter is different in this aspect. Some years such as the winter of 2018 where we had houses on the ice on December 1st or the winter of 2016 where we weren’t able to begin our season until December 27th. Patience is key this time of year! Best of luck to all the deer hunters out there and we will be in touch soon!

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