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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 6/17/14

Fishing has been great for over the last week.

The fish are spread out a bit, but we’ve managed to stay with them.
We are catching fish anchoring and jigging around Morris Point, Lighthouse Gap and up north in 25-32 feet of water.
Drifting with hammered gold spinners and a crawler is also producing good numbers of fish and we are finding these in 17-22 feet of water.

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Sweet’s Fishing

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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 6/5/14

The fishing and the weather have been outstanding at Lake of the Woods!

Fish continue to move from the river to the lake and we have not had to go far to find our fish.
We have been limiting out in 8-15 feet of water and the trophy fish are plentiful.
We have had the best luck anchoring and jigging a 1/4 ounce jig head with a frozen shiner.

Most colors are working well, but we always have luck on pink and gold.

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Sweet’s Fishing

Check back for fishing report updates and photos – Sweet’s Fishing

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 2/6/14

Fishing has been picking up nicely over the last week.
We are fishing about 6-7 miles out in 32 feet of water.
All of the houses are catching fish, the anglers using electronics are generally catching a few more than the anglers who don’t.
Make sure you pay close attention to your electronics for suspended fish, as those seem to be some of the better quality fish if you can catch them.
The area we are in continues to be producing good numbers of Sauger and Walleye, with the most consistent lure colors being your typical Lake of the Woods Pink, Gold, and Glow Red.
Be prepared to catch a number of small fish, but don’t get discouraged this just means the lake is healthy and the fish will be abundant for years to come!
We have a few spots open for the last weekend in February and the first weekend in March, give Sweet’s Fishing a call to make a reservation.
Be sure not to wait or someone else will be enjoying your fishing holes, catching a big healthy Walleye like the one below on beautiful Lake of the woods.
We look forward to having you up at Sweet’s Fishing!
Sweet’s Fishing
Check back for fishing report updates and photos – Sweet’s Fishing

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 1/19/14

Fishing has been consistent in the last week!
A couple houses have caught their limit and ended up leaving early, other houses claim to be having a harder time – but still need more minnows every day =]
The usual Lake of the Woods pink and gold colors/jigs have been successful.

Lots of good eater fish in the 16-18 inch range.
But along with the 16-18 inch eaters, many nice large fish have also been brought up through the hole.
There was a 28.5″ brought up the other day.

A few fish have also been brought in during the late hours of the night.
We had a 27″ come up at 11PM and a 25″ at 10PM so far this week – so keep the rattle reels down after the sun goes below the horizon!

The ice is plentiful, measuring anywhere from 24″ to 30″ and we have the houses in 32 feet of water.

Not many Eel Pouts being caught but the Tulipe have shown up on the other end of the line quite a bit.

ATTENTION: 2 man sleeper has opened up for the end of January. Call to reserve quickly!
DATES: Thursday, 1/23 – Sunday, 1/26.

We look forward to having you up at Sweet’s Fishing!


Sweet’s Fishing

Check back for fishing report updates and photos –

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 12/23/2013

Good afternoon!

Sweet’s Fishing would like to say Happy Holidays to everyone and hopes that everyone enjoys this week!

Fishing has been excellent with several houses reporting catching 200+ fish over the weekend. Many of the fish are good eater fish with a handful coming in within the slot!

This last week we have had houses in 24-25 feet of water. Today we moved a couple to 26 feet of water. We have about 15-17 inches of solid ice that has been getting thicker and thicker.

Most people have been catching a lot of fish using Pink and Gold jigs which are the common colors on Lake of the Woods.

There isn’t much openings left in January so take a look at your calendar in February and come book a trip before the month fills up and while the fishing is hot!

We look forward to seeing you and good luck, have fun fishing!

Sweet’s Fishing

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 1/09/2013

Fishing has been up and down the last week. Last few days have been good, everyone is eating plenty of fish and bringing home their limits.

We are fishing about 9 miles out from the washout in 32 feet of water. Smaller presentations and deadsticks with plain hooks have been producing well over the last few days.

Electronics are key to icing your limit, as we are seeing a lot of suspended fish coming through.

Overall fishing is good, so don’t waste any more time and book your trip while there are still spots available.