11-19-18 Ice Update

Well folks,Lake of the Woods has frozen over!(well,as far as we can see from shore anyways). We currently dont have an ice reading from the lake as it’s too soon for safe foot travel on it as of this post.

Bostic Bay is froze over as well and we have reports of 4″-7″ of ice on it with spots of 2″ or less toward the Morris Point Gap and the northern fishing is off to a strong start.

We still do not have an ETA as to when ice fishing on Lake of the Woods will begin but barring any significant weather swing it wont be too long now.

As always please use caution when venturing out on early ice. Contact local bait shops or outfitters for the most up to date in ice conditions before venturing out and stay in the marked areas.

We will be updating our ice conditions and fishing reports as soon as new information becomes available. We have several prime early ice and weekend dates available and we look forward to seeing you on Lake of the Woods very soon! Until then stay safe and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.


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