Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 9/14/2011

Fishing has been pretty consistent in the last week despite the wind! The wind is making some of the water muddy but that hasn’t stopped us. We have been using downriggers and jigging. Fishing in 26-32 feet of water using a Chartreuse Gold Firefighter has been most successful for us. Shad Raps, Glass Raps, Tail Dancers, and Flicker Shads #5-7 have been working great as well. Those are all great bait and have been pulling in fish after fish! This Monday we anchored in a few spots between 26-32 feet of water and limited out by noon! We were using frozen shiners and every fish we pulled up had a belly full of shiners, overflowing from their mouth! The walleyes are schooling up tight right now and chasing shiners to the river. Good luck and happy fishing!

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