11-22-17 Ice Update

Lake of the Woods has ice on it as far as the eye can see as well as a thin layer of snow on top of it. The first 150-300 yards of ice off the shoreline is semi rough but looks quite smooth from there out. As the lake has just finally frozen over in the last few days travel on the ice is not advised. Please,let the ice thicken up before attempting to venture out on it and always contact an outfitter to check on the latest ice conditions.


The Bostic Bay currently has spear houses on it and some traffic heading out with pop up fish houses for tip-up fishing. The northern bite is quite hot from reports that we have heard from those who have tried it. We are currently not letting traffic out of our access as of yet. 


The Rainy River is mostly frozen over with a few patchy open spots remaining up and down it. No word on thickness of ice or fishing conditions in the bays and such but as with the lake,travel is not currently advised due to how recently is has frozen over.


We will likely be out in the early to middle portions of next week checking ice conditions on the creek as well as the lake and prepping the crossings for the fast approaching season. Our early ice dates are filling up fast so please don’t hesitate,book your 2017-201 ice fishing adventure with Sweet’s Fishing on Lake of the Woods today!! 

Image 1:View from Morris Point looking towards Pine Island Image 2: View from Morris Point looking out on Lake of The Woods Image 3: View from Sweet’s Fishing lake access on Bostic Creek Image 4: View of Rainy River from Wheeler’s Point Public Access.


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11-1-17 Ice Update

Happy November everyone! The creeks and smaller bays are starting to freeze up! The lake and Rainy River remain wide open however but with the temps over the next week that will likely change quite soon. The first picture on this post is the view from what will be our lake access when the season begins,the second picture posted is the view from Willie Walleye hill in Baudette overlooking Baudette Bay facing the Canadian border. I have also posted a screenshot of the early forecast for the week of 11-5. After a windy weekend the forecast calls for good ice making weather. With a little luck on our side we may be looking at an early start to the 2017-2018 Ice Fishing season! We will post another update once more ice begins to form. Happy deer hunting to all of our hunters out there and be safe! Dates are filling up for the upcoming season so don’t wait,book your ice fishing adventure with Sweet’s Fishing on Lake of the Woods Today!