A Friendly Reminder

Hey everyone! First off i want to thank everyone for their continued support of Sweet’s Fishing on Lake of the Woods. We have had a very busy and very fun summer up here on the big lake but Labor Day weekend has come and gone and we all know what that means,winter is right around the corner! If you book your ice fishing trip with us before October 1st you’ll be guaranteed our rates from last winter,if you have any questions about pricing,please head on over to our Services and Rates page for more details. We look forward to what is starting to shape up to be a very promising ice fishing season and we hope to see you out on the ice this winter! But,if you’re not quite looking for ice fishing just yet,we do have fall fishing charter trips available throughout the month of September and into early October depending on the weather. Our cabin will be available for rentals during the fall for fall fishermen looking for a quiet cabin and dock slip or else for a place to stay for all you avid Hunters out there! 


Best Wishes,

Steve and JP Sweet