2-22-17 Fishing Report

How’s it going everyone?!?! The fishing on LOTW has been quite phenomenal this season and that trend continues into the final weekend of February!! Currently,our houses are approx 17.5 miles out from our cabin in 35-37 feet of water. Several 14-17 inch saugers have been reported from our houses as well as 14-16 inch walleyes coming up quite regularly. Decent sized tullibee and perch have been reported as well. The bite seems to be steady throughout the day with a few slow spots in between the rushes during the day. A flasher is a must as several fish have been reported as coming in suspended and a good amount of the suspended fish have shown great interest in the bait. Plain red or orange hooks and plain red treble hooks on a dead stick seem to be a hot ticket. As far as jigs go, clam jigs,jigging Raps and other several other smaller jigs with glow in the dark Pink/Gold,Orange and Green as the go to colors with both techniques using either a live fat head or a live shiner.  Good luck to everyone and we hope to see you during the final month of the 2017 hard water fishing season!!


2-21-17 Ice Report

Good evening everyone!!! Here’s an ice update for you! We are currently measuring 30-35 inches of ice on the big lake and the creek is holding up nicely as well!! The road leading to the houses is rough in places at the moment due to the way the lake froze this year, but, with temps dropping back well below freezing this weekend it should smooth back out quite nicely,perhaps even better than when it initially froze!! Just remember,please maintain a cautious speed on your way out to LOTW because with rough ice you can never be too careful! Hope to see you soon!!