1-24-17 Fishing Report

Tuesday,January 24th 2017 Fishing report

The fishing in the 30-33 feet of water range has been producing several limits of 14-17 inch Walleyes and Saugers with a few smaller yearlings in the mix as well. We have also seen a few perch around the 12 inch range as well as a few tulibees and pout coming up the holes. The fish have been biting more timidly so patience before setting the hook is a must. A plain red hook on a dead stick continues to produce a decent number of fish as well as using smaller jigging spoons,rattle spoons,buck shots and stop signs with glow in the dark pink,green,blue and gold being the effective colors. The hot times for the bite seem to be between 10 am-4 pm with a decent number of bites being reported between first light to 10 am. The bite in the 16-20 feet of water range has cooled off a bit with a few keepers still being brought up mixed in with a handful of yearlings. The flashers continue to be a highly recommended tool up here on LOTW as there remains to be a decent number of suspended fish being seen.  We have a few day houses available for the weekend so give us a call at 218-368-7323 to check availability! Good luck fishing on beautiful Lake of the Woods!

1-18-17 Fishing Report

The fishing on LOTW remains fairly consistent in the last week with several Walleyes and Saugers in the 12.5-16 inch range being brought up the holes mixed in with a few larger sized perch,pout and tullibees in the 30-33 feet of water range. Meanwhile,in the 16-20 feet of water range the bite remains fairly steady with both smaller and keeper sized walleye and saugers being caught. The bite in both depths seems to not really pick up until around 10 am most days and seems to almost slow down around 4 pm. Live fat heads have been the bait of choice using a plain red hook or a glow in the dark pink or gold gem-n-eye on a dead stick,jigging a minnow has been effective as well using clam jigs or a demon jigging spoon or charmer with glow in the dark pink,green or hammer gold being the colors of choice. Heading into the weekend with the warmer weather continuing to move in we remind you to please,check with a resort,outfitter or bait shop before venturing out on the big lake as the ice conditions may change daily. We have a 2 man sleeper and a 1 4 person day house available over the weekend as well as a 5 man sleeper available until Sunday morning. Give us a call at 218-368-7323 if you’re interested in booking a last minute fishing trip on Lake of the Woods! We hope to see everyone on beautiful Lake of the Woods very soon!

1-12-17 Fishing Report

Heading into the weekend the fishing is hot in the 30-33 feet of water range with a large number of keeper sized walleyes and saugers coming up the holes. Smaller glow in the dark pink,pink/white and pink/gold gem-n-eyes on a dead stick or a glow in the dark pink/white,plain pink or pink and gold stop sign,charmer or other smaller spoon type jigs have been the hot ticket. Most of the fish caught have been right off the botoom witha  few being marked suspended. A Vexlar or other flasher has been a very,very effective tool and are highly recommended.Good luck fishing on beautiful Lake of the Woods this weekend!

1-9-17 Fishing Report

Fishing report 1-9-17. The fishing in the 17-19 feet of water range has produced a large number of smaller walleyes and saugers with several decent sized keepers and a few slot fish mixed in as well. The bite was steady throughout the day with the bite coming and going in waves. Out deeper in the 30-33 ft of water range the fishing has been hit and miss with several keepers being caught mixed in with a decent number of yearlings. Deadsticks with smaller jigs and plain hooks have been effective using a live fat head as well as jigging smaller spoons and stop signs using a fat head. We have 3 day houses and our cabin left available for this upcoming weekend and don’t forget our mid-week specials begin next Monday! Fish on! We are currently running a Facebook contest for a free day of ice fishing with us over on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sweetsfishing,go check it out!

1-3-17 Fishing Report.

Hey y’all,Happy New Year!! Over the weekend the fishing slowed down a bit but turned around on Sunday. The fishing in the 24-27 feet of water range has produced a decent amount of fish ranging from the 10 to the 15 inch range with a few bigger fish in the mix as well. The fishing in the 15-21 feet of water range has been producing a solid number of fish early in the mornings to the mid-day with sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches. The bite in both depths have been predominantly Walleyes with some Saugers in the mix as well. We have seen a few eel pout in the buckets as well over the last few days. The fish are currently biting on smaller jigs with gold or glow in the dark colors being effective as well as plain hooks using the deadstick method with a slip bobber. We have a couple openings over the weekend and we look forward to seeing you on beautiful Lake of the Woods soon!!