12-20-16 Fishing Report

Our houses are currently located from 18-25 feet of water and the fishing is varying as the day progresses. Green,pink and gold seem to be the colors of choice either jigging with charmers,spoons or gem-n-eyes or a dead stick using a glow in the dark colored hook with a live fat head. The bite was … Continue reading

Update 12-16-16

Hey all,a little update for you on how things are going up here in the north land. After extensive flooding with the other resorts on the creek and some help from some heavy equipment we now have a suitable crossing on the lake side of the point! We began hauling houses out today and are excited to … Continue reading

12-12-16 Ice Update

Here's a current picture of the lake and Bostic creek taken today. As you can see the lake froze over kind of rough but it's still workable. Currently we've heard reports of ice thickness anywhere from 4-6" on the big lake and four mile bay and 4-5 1/2" on the Rainy River. Early fishing reports … Continue reading