12-29-16 Fishing Report and ice update

The fishing has slowed down a bit with the continuing inconsistent weather but it has begun to steady out as the last couple of days have passed. The fish are biting primarily on the bottom or just a few inches off of it. The hot ticket right now to success continues to be a plain hook with a live fat head on a dead stick with a bobber or jigging a spoon/stop sign/charmer.A vexilar or other fish finders are highly recommended as we are still seeing a decent number of fish coming in suspended. The weather in the next week sees another cold snap coming our way that should build on the current 13-17 inches of ice that we are currently seeing and allow for 1/2 ton vehicles to begin to use our access. We have openings for both sleepers and day houses next week and a couple remaining for next weekend. Also,don’t forget about our Mid-Week Specials beginning January 16th! Happy New Year and good luck fishing on beautiful Lake of the Woods!

12-26-16 Ice and Fishing Update

The storm didn’t do as much damage to the big lake as it could’ve. The ice is in great shape all things considering. Please remain on the staked trails and talk to your outfitters before venturing out as several spots are still not quite ready for advised travel. We are currently allowing small vehicles such as trackers,side-by-sides,blazers and small jeeps out of our access. The fishing remains pretty solid based on all reports with the hot bite remaining in the early afternoon using a plain hook with a live fat head on a dead stick. Fish on!

12-20-16 Fishing Report

Our houses are currently located from 18-25 feet of water and the fishing is varying as the day progresses. Green,pink and gold seem to be the colors of choice either jigging with charmers,spoons or gem-n-eyes or a dead stick using a glow in the dark colored hook with a live fat head. The bite was slow in the late morning but turned on early afternoon and produced several 12-14″ saugers and a few decent sized walleyes. A vexlar is highly recommended as we have seen a few fish suspended. We’ll try to get a more detailed full day report heading into the weekend but things are looking up as the weather steadies back out following the brutal cold snap last weekend. Fish on,

Update 12-16-16

Hey all,a little update for you on how things are going up here in the north land. After extensive flooding with the other resorts on the creek and some help from some heavy equipment we now have a suitable crossing on the lake side of the point! We began hauling houses out today and are excited to get fishing soon! If anyone has an itch to get some early ice fishing in we have a couple houses out now and plan on bringing the rest of the fleet out over the next couple of days. The ice in the first couple miles past the crossing is quite rough but there’s smoother ice after about the 2 mile mark on the trail. The early reports of the fishing from the first few days is decent in the 20-23′ of water range jigging with frozen shiners. Happy fishing everyone and we can’t wait to see you on beautiful Lake of the Woods!


12-12-16 Ice Update

Here’s a current picture of the lake and Bostic creek taken today. As you can see the lake froze over kind of rough but it’s still workable. Currently we’ve heard reports of ice thickness anywhere from 4-6″ on the big lake and four mile bay and 4-5 1/2″ on the Rainy River. Early fishing reports from the early ice river bite sound promising with reports of limits being caught fairly quickly while jigging and even reports of continued shiner activity which bodes well for the fishing on the lake once it is ready. There’s a couple portables that walked out from Morris Point today and no word on how they did but have heard rumors that despite the rough appearance,the water below the ice is semi-clear. Please consult with your resort before venturing out onto the ice to check on the most up to date ice conditions. The forecast in the next 7 days bodes quite well to continue to thicken the ice at a fairly steady rate. We are now taking reservations and should have our houses out on the lake before Christmas with no problem! Give us a call at 218-368-7323 and book your fishing adventure today!


12-10-16 ice update

Well folks,good ol’ Lake of the Woods froze over the last couple of days! There’s some decent sized slush piles on the shorelines that will have to be dealt with before we see any fishing on the lake but things look promising to be fishing within the next 10 days. Seen a few portables out in the Baudette Bay today tip up fishing for northern and heard reports of a few spear houses out in the Bostic Bay. Ice conditions in both areas have areas of ice from 3-5 1/2″ and should continue to see substantial growth over the next week. As always be sure to check with your Resort before venturing out on the lake and be safe. We’ll update you on the ice with pictures in a day or 2.  Have a good weekend everyone!